CID Superfecta issues

Hello Everyone,

CID superfecta used to work well for me. Recently i updated my boxes to latest version (3.211.63-8) which also updated all modules, inclusing supoerfect to 2.11.2.

I noticed soon after that that I was not getting CID resolved.
Just had a look in superfecta settings & the data sources I was using are gone (all the Australian ones).

Does anyone know how I can get them back?


Only solution at the moment is to manually downgrade superfecta to Uninstall 2.11 first and get the tarball from here:


Tried that & its working, unfortunately that version doesn’t have the option to redirect spam calls, which is what really got us interested.

The Superfecta devs will not be officially re-releasing sources that don’t comply with the individual site’s terms of service. As you can imagine, this requires a bit of effort on the dev’s part and to my knowledge nobody on the project has put any effort into researching or migrating the Aus sources to the new 2.11 platform. If you are keen to help speed the process by investigating the TOS and testing, please feel free to start a ticket on the dev site.

I have had a chance to review the TOS for Aus. sites that I know of and have summarized in this ticket:
Provided you are willing to do the testing, what site(s) would you prefer to see done first?

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That is great news, unfortunately the ones we used most are ones that don’t meet TOS.
The one we would most be interested in now is
We would be happy to test any of them for you.