CID superfecta - EZCNAM gone

Almost 2 years ago @lgaetz helped me to resolve this issue and I remember ezcnam was added to the official FreePBX sources. It worked well, until some time ago - this feature is now gone. Is it just a glitch or was it planned? How else can I possibly run this simple query:[NUMBER]&out=text

There is a github code but not sure how to add it: source-EZCNAM.module · GitHub

Original post: CID superfecta & http query - #7 by lgaetz


Hi Peter

I opened a ticket, but never raised a formal pull request for this change. @vsc55 (Javier Pastor) created a better version based on using the EZCNAM API, and it’s not clear if that was ever raised as a pull request either. Since this work was done, all FreePBX development has moved to GitHub.

Javier, I’ve found a copy of the code you did that was on back before it was shut down, and saved it with the original in a Gist here. Do you want to raise a PR for this on GitHub?

Hello everyone.
Yes, the new version that I was preparing of Superfecta had support for this API.
I released a Pull but it was not merged since it had many modifications and it was planned to release it for version 17.
I am going to revise that module to adapt it to the current version of Superfecta.

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Thanks a lot, I appreciate!

Hi @1mrpeter,
Can you try to see if it works correctly for you?

It works perfectly! Thank you!

Took me a moment to realize how to do it. Downloaded the source to /var/www/html/admin/modules/superfecta/sources

Ok, perfect, I’m going to publish a PR so they can add it to the next version.

PR merged and available now in Superfecta 16.0.34

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