CID Superfecta cache cleanup

If I understand correctly, the first lookup source should be the superfecta cache and anything not in the cache is looked up and then stored in the cache but superfecta stores all results in the cache even if it does not make sense like “ODN” or “WSHNGTNZN1, DC” and then next time the same number calls, superfecta displays the chache result instead of doing a lookup.

Is there any way to cleanup the cache data or set it to only save actual names instead of city or location info?

  1. Set the timeout lower
  2. mysql:
TRUNCATE TABLE superfectacache;

Should I set Trunk Provided first and then Superfecta cache?

I’d try that. Actually, I already do that, but if you get a stupid CID from the carrier the first time, it will probably still be stupid the next.