CID Superfecta asks for login :(

I am using my own administrator login for FreePBX.
When I try to access CID Superfecta I am being prompted for authentication:

A username and password are being requested by The site says: “sysadmin-only”

I try all possible logins - but no good. eventually i find myself logged-out of FreePBX.

Any ideas guys?


Ori :slight_smile:

Nerd Vittles author of CID Superfecta spends a lot time over at the PBX in a Flash forums. You would have a better chance of getting an answer over there.

remove or change the .htaccess file in the /modules/superfecta folder

patrick_elx - Genius! it worked :slight_smile:

hello guys,

i have checked my /modules/superfecta folder but i have no .htaccess file.

what should i do?

See if this will help you:

Try looking here:

What version of Superfeta Module are you using?
Update to current (2.2.4)
When you say ‘I try to access SUperfecta’ - tell us more. How are you accessing it?
Have you put in the password and ID in the General config area?