CID - Several Outbound Routes & One Trunk

I though I knew how to do this, but, it appears I don’t!

I have had my PBX set up with a trunk and several inbound numbers which has worked fine. One of the numbers is set up as the default outbound.

I now need to be able to use a second number as outbound, which I will use a prefix to choose (call are routed to one handset so prefix is the only way I know to differentiate the outbound route). However, when I dial the prefix and number (prefix only set on one outbound number), the main/original OB number is shown.

I though I knew how to set up separate OB numbers via one trunk and am sure I have done this on previous installs (few years ago), but cannot see what I am doing wrong here.

Anyone with thoughts?

BTW, the trunk provider allows me to set the CID.
I have ‘Allow Any CID’ set in the trunk.
Current Asterisk Version: 13.16.0

Not sure I understand what you want to do but it looks like you are sending a specific callerID on outbound calls, but you want to be able to send a different one?

You can use the Outbound CID field for each extension to set the desired CID

Not the only way. You can also do this via the COS module or the CallerID field in your outbound route:

Thanks for the response.

I can’t use the CID per extension as different extensions will need to make calls from the different numbers.

My idea was to use a straight number to go out via the default number
Prefix 1 to go out through second number
Prefix 2 to go out through third number, etc.

I don’t have the Cos module, but not sure if that would help.

I have added the CID number to the outbound route in both (and separately) in Route CID and in the Dial Patterns, as per your image,.

Got it!

I had to select ‘Override Extension’ in the OB route settings.

Avayax, thanks for you time to help me.