CID problem

Hello all.

I would like some help with an issue im facing.
I have a private vpn voip network with some remote voip phones to provide support.
Thing is i have made a custom context but ever since when a client calls, i dont get caller id but instead extension number.
If i use the default context from-internal everything works.

In this context any 3digit dialed number leads the extensions defined beliw
I attach my context

exten => _XXX,1,dial(sip/304,25,Ttm)
exten => _XXX,1,dial(sip/303,25,Ttm)
exten => _XXX,1,dial(sip/302,25,Ttm)
exten => _XXX,1,dial(sip/305,25,Ttm)
exten => _XXX,n,dial(DAHDI/g0/69mynumber,25)
exten => _XXX,n,busy()
exten => _XXX,n,hangup()

Is there anything wrong in the above syntax?

Yes, you can’ only have one priority ‘1’, the dial command supports stringing endpoints with &

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