CID Prefix - E2

When a caller in my Asterisk Phonebook called me, on my Linksys492 screen, I see

[E2] Family - John Smith

The lable [E2] refers to the 2nd button on the phone. Other reference are E1, E3, and E4.

I think the [E2] does not add useful information to me. I am not sure whether the [E2] is related to Linksys phone or is relatd to freepbx system. Is there a way not have [E2] show up?


Unless you’ve explicitly that up in FreePBX, which I doubt because you’re asking, I"m going to say that it’s on the Linksys phone. I have one at work, but I use it as a courtesy phone and have never really messed with it.

Thanks, you are right, it looks like it is related to Linksys phone. I have another Grandstream phone on the same system where my Linksys phone is connected to. The grandstream phone did not have the [E2] lable.

I will look in to the Linksys phone settings.