CID not working with Follow Me


When an outside line calls the PBX and the call gets forwarded to an extension with Follow Me rule that dials an outside line (e.g. 5439339933#), the CID of the caller gets lost on the way and what appears on the called pphone the CID of one of the bogus ITSP phone lines. I’m sure that this issue is not related to the ITSP since the ITSP allows any outbound CID on its trunk. When I add any number to the outbound CID of that trunk and call out from any internal extesnion I see that number appearing on the called phone. However, the Follow Me rule modifies CID somewhere while handing off the incoming channel to an outgoing channel. Does anyone know how to fix this bug or find a workaround?



Followme does pass the CID unless you disable that on the trunk by checking the “Never Override CID” box. (It does not pass the CID Name though, because that breaks some carriers). There may be a format issue going on. The best way to confirm what it is trying to do is to watch the CLI when the Followme sends the call to the outbound trunk and see what it is being set to. In order to avoid clutter, since the CLI can get quite busy, reduce the Followme to the external number only, do not even include the extension in the list. Then watch and see what it says. (And make sure to turn up the verbosity to about 5).