CID not passing from one FreePBX to another

Hi to all… i have two freepbx which are interconnected as peers with sip trunks. One of them has all the internal extensions and the other has a provider trunk on it. When i make an external call from the first passing to the second, the outgoing CID is always the trunk’s one. If i try from an internal extension of the second pbx to external, cid works fine… What am i missing? Thanks

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Make sure the provider allows you to use the caller IDs you are sending.

Maybe provide a debug so we can see the logs:
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Thanks, I am using the right CID which is accepted by the provider… If I use an extension from the 2nd pbx the cid works fine… The problem is when the call is routed from pbx1 to pbx2 through sip trunks between them… In the logs shows the right CID starting the call flow and about the middle without any reason seems to be replaced by the trunk’s one CID without any options for force cid etc checked… Thanks

Is the trunk set as Intra-Company?

Tried various settings… No context set at the moment. But if I set from internal no cid reaches the pbx2 but only the internal extension number…

You didn’t answer his question.

Outbound Routes → Outbound Route → Route Type

Also, please share the call trace from both PBXs via

I think I did… If the route is set as internal only internal extension number pass to the 2nd pbx… Didn’t I understand correct?

Show us a verbose call log from PBX 1 to PBX 2 that is passing the wrong caller id. We need to see the actual call.

Hi again… problem solved… I tried set the pbx2 outbound route as intra-company and worked! I cannot understand why… (Shouldn’t be normal for the pbx1 outbound route to be set as intra company and not the pbx2’s as the final stage to the provider?)

Thanks for your help

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