CID not passed to external number

Hello all

I have a problem which I cannot resolve and would be grateful for any help you can give.

Many thanks in advance

We have three SIP trunks from to our hosted PBX in our servers in a datacentre. We are using FreePBX V 13.0.120. Currently if you dial our main number 01273 XXXXX it automatically gets forwarded to a colleague’s mobile number. This was setup through “follow me” on the extension.

If Mr X calls our number (01273 xxxxxx let’s call it SDM office or SDM for short so I don’t have to repeatedly type it), on a SIP phone in the office we see Mr X’s mobile number (his CID). Which is fine. If we forward this (follow me) to another extension, the other extension will also see Mr X’s CID, which is also fine.

So far so good. The problem is calling SDM number is setup to be forwarded to my colleague’s mobile number (external number). If Mr X calls SDM, the call is automatically forwarded to my colleague, but he cannot see Mr X’s CID. He only sees SDM. If Mr X doesn’t leave a message or a number in voicemail, there is no way of knowing who called and return the call. No matter who calls from where, my colleague only sees SDM number.

My efforts so far
Obviously I have been hitting the internet and forums. As far as I can tell (and I could be wrong), there is no setting on our FreePBX that either hides or overwrites or force overwrites the CID. I have checked this at extension level, trunk level and outbound route. Unless there is a setting that I haven’t checked or not included a parameter in the peer details. I have checked with the SIP trunk provider and they do not override any number

My PEER details on the outgoing trunk looks like this


This makes sense. The outbound call is from the PBX, so it is natural for it to show SDM number, but surely I am not the first one who wants the called ID to be passed along too. Right?
This has been causing a lot of issues and loss of business for us and I am getting nowhere.

Many thanks

check both your outbound routes and trunk definitions. it is quite possible that one of these has the SDM number in it and it is overriding the original caller id. you also need to check with your sip provider to see if they will allow you to pass foreign numbers (numbers that do not belong to you). some will some won’t. if they do, make sure the outbound route and the trunk used to place the outbound call do not contain a caller id. then, if you are using follow me to forward to the cell phone, the cell phone person should see the original caller id. if your sip provider will not allow you to pass a foreign caller id then you are just out of luck.
as a side note, we often run into the situation were, just like you, calls get forwarded out to a cell phone. usually we are asked if we can not only give them the original caller id, but also an indication that the call is coming from the office. perhaps someone has found a good way to do this we have not. in some cases instead of forwarding to a cell phone we take the call to voice mail and tell the caller that the call will be returned promptly. the cell phone user gets the voicemail notification which lets them know both that this was a call from the office and what the original caller id was. they can then call into the voicemail system and return the call from there if they do not want to have their cell phone number shown when they return the call.