CID Name Prefix not shown over two IAX2 Trunks

I have this setup:

ASTERISK 1 <-- iax2 --> ASTERISK 2 <-- iax2 --> ASTERISK 3

Due to network limitations I have to use this setup which is not perfect but it works fine for now.

I have an agent on ASTERISK 3 who receives calls from ASTERISK 1 and ASTERISK 2 if noone picks up the call (using Follow-Me on each extension with a CID name prefix that indicates the agent the intended receiver of the call, for example a company name, so the agent can say ‘company xy, hello, what can I do for you?’.

This works fine if someone calls ASTERISK 2, but does not when someone calls ASTERISK 1. does anyone have an idea what I can do? I can see in the log that the CID prefix is passed via iax2 to ASTERISK 2, but it’s not transferred to ASTERISK 3, even I set this as intra company route. The agent only receives the callers number with no prefix.

All systems use Asterisk, FreePBX 2.5.2 running on CentOS

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


On you outbound routes, check the Intra Company Route box. This is supposed to pass the CID. Not sure if it will work but worth a try.

“foreign cnam” is not past out trunks in any sort of CF/Follow-Me scenario.

You are welcome to add a feature request that it is sent when the trunk is set to Intra-Company, that may be reasonable. For normal trunks, it can create problems.