Cid name change

I have 2 PRI from Charter Communications the caller id name is the phone number that is assigned to the ext

ext 291 outbound CID is 555-1212 but the name is the same 555-1212.

I called the NOC Center for them and they set the group CID to be our account name so now is shows


However I need to change the CID NAME based on the Department. I tried setting the CID name in the exten but it does not work

“DEPT NAME” <6185551212>

What else can i do to change the CID NAME

Pretty sure that only Charter can do that for you, or alternatively they might allow and propagate YOUR CNAM data.

My experience is the same as @dicko’s. With PRI, the Telco is usually the one setting the CID information for the client. Depending on your connection, you might not even get a choice in the matter.

I work a lot with Cox, and they set the PRI CID on the lines one of my customers used to have.