CID Lookup not working

I spend 3 days for this issue without any progress.

  • PJSIP extension
  • ChanSIP-Trunk
  • Phonebook entry with my number as seen in UCP Callevents
  • Caller ID Lookup Services set to intern
  • CID Superfecta set to Asterisk Phonebook
  • CID Superfecta test passes succesful and retrievs my name from Phonebook
  • The only one Inbound Route set to CID Lookup Source and to CID Superfecta

A call from outside shows the number, but there is absolutly no lookup, not in CID Lookup Sources an not in CID superfecta, so I only get the number of the caller.

In CLI-Console I can’t see any line related to CID lookup, it seems, my lookup sources where totally ignored and I havee no idea why.

I read something from DID or CID must not left blank to take a lookup. But I tried also to set a DID and/or CID in inbound routes from ANY to my trunk-number (DID), it makes no difference. Btw: Should the DID not be important to pass the call to my extension? It doesn’t matter, I can take 000000000 for DID, every call comes in.

Every little hint is appreciated, meanwhile I despair… Thank you for help


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