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Hey guys,

I am trying to set up (what I thought was going to be pretty simple) a machine to intercept my google voice calls, present the caller with an IVR that gives the caller a few options, and then forward the call (to an outside cellphone) based on the option the caller chooses.

It’s working, except one thing. When the call is forwarded, instead of showing the originating party’s caller id number, it is showing the google voice number.

The settings are correct in google voice itself, and when I view the call log from within FreePBX, it actually shows the proper outgoing caller id. However, on the cellphone that receives the call, it does not get that caller id, it gets the DID number (the google voice number).

I’m not sure how well I’ve explained that but hopefully someone can help. I feel like this is an easy problem with an easy solution, I just don’t have much experience with all of this.

Thank you to whoever helps me.

in simple terms, the pbx is making an outbound call on behalf of your google voice number

why in the world would you publish a google voice number, route it to a pbx and then route to a cell phone. port your google voice number into your pbx do the work there and use google voice as the fail over number in case your pbx goes down.

Right, I get that the PBX is just making a call on behalf of google voice.

I thought my first explanation was enough, but I’ll explain further. We are setting up a temporary, mobile helpdesk. During normal office hours I want the PBX to route to the main helpdesk number (which it does). After hours, I want an IVR to give options as to the nature of your problem and direct it accordingly to an on call person.

This is a temporary setup so we are not attaching it into the main helpdesk IVR (nor are we looking for a paid solution for a temporary fix). It is actually working just fine, the only problem is that it doesn’t pass through the original caller’s phone number to the phone it ends up dialing.

The on call people need the originating phone number to document and followup. Asking for the phone number can be problematic when the on call people are away from the computer or pen & paper.

i assume you are using an ITSP that lets you spoof the caller id? some don’t allow this and will terminate the call. if yours does, and you are willing to pay for a solution, i am sure someone on here will speak up but you might have to post the request with a clear indicator that you are looking for paid help. if you have never used elance, this would be a good time to get acquainted with it. lots of talent on there.

Thank you for helping,
I’m not using anything else outside of what comes with FreePBX and Google Voice.
So I take it there is no way to trick google voice in to passing the phone number through without using some other third party service.

Are there any alternative ways to get this information to the on call people? For instance, I saw (when searching through the forums today) a script that can be run to email CDR records from the previous day to someone on demand.

Is it possible (I understand if you don’t know of such a script, I’m just pondering possibilities right now) to somehow add in a function so that when a call is passed through the IVR to one of the cell phones, an email will also be sent to that user (based on which cell phone is selected) with the information from that CDR record?

We’re talking maybe 4 or 5 calls after hours a day, so I don’t feel like anyone would be swamped with emails with this approach, and we need to document calls anyway.

Or is there some other alternative you can think of to get the receiving party the originating party’s phone number (for free)?

Thank you again for your help