CID formatting on forwarded call with multiple trunks

So i have this issue;

I receive calls from several trunks, and receiving CID’s get formatted in serveral formats;
Some like;


All do represent the same CID. If a call gets forwarded through the same trunk it came from, the CID gets processed correctly by the trunk-provider.

But - when a call is forwarded through a different trunk (with a CID in the format of the originating trunk), the call gets CID-anonymous by the SIP provider.

Basically, i would like to manipulate the CID into something that fits the trunk/provider, i.e. based on the trunk where the call originated from (-or is beeing sent to).

I searched this forum, and read about predial manipulation, but i couldn’t find any working example.

Can someone point me in the right direction mayb ?
Thanks a lot!

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