CID comes up blocked when calling from freepbx

I am having a problem that ALL outgoing calls are coming up as blocked caller Id on the receiving end. I have both leaving the cid field blank or filling it in the trunk, the outgoing route and the extension and still the call goes out as blocked. It is a google voice motif and I don’t remember having the problem til recently
Any Ideas

Something doesn’t add up. I don’t think it’s possible to place a restricted/blocked call with GV.

If the format of the CID information is incorrect (which we can’t check without a sample log) then many providers will deliver the call as “Restricted” (or something else). It might be OK from GV’s perspective, but the “receiving” telco may be says “no go”.

What do you hear when you call 800 437 7950?

760 700 5888
Is that google voices number which they block??

If you have more than one Google account, your trunk may be using the wrong one (which doesn’t have a Google Voice number). Check that your calls appear in the Google Voice log for the proper account. Go to the Legacy Google Voice interface and confirm that ‘Your number’ shows correctly. Check that incoming calls to your GV number work correctly. Check that when you make a call from that GV account by other means (website, Hangouts Dialer, etc.) that your GV number is shown to the called party.

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