Choosing trunks on dialout?

I am newbie and seem to not see a clear way for customers to be able to choose which trunk they prefer. I had a case of slow broadband and they needed to choose the BRI for conference.

what’s the best way for the customer to do this?


What makes you think giving the customers a choice is good for your business?

A BRI is 128k - if your broadband is slower than that, you need to bulk up.

A single phone call will take up to 56k for most modern codecs. There are ways of invoking Quality Of Service settings with your upstream provider so that your voice traffic is higher priority than the customer’s employee’s FaceBook browsing.

Having shamed you sufficiently, the “best practice” way of doing what you asked about is to give the customer a dial prefix - have them dial ‘9’ for the BRI, for example. Set up your outbound route so that the leading ‘9’ is caught, then remove the ‘9’ and send them over the BRI trunk and fail over to the Facebook link…

First sorry for taking time to reply. it been busy with other issues.

You are correct from a technical point of view, but this customer has other issues with intermittent broadband on some days. This is southern Ireland and not a great area. The speed is okay but the actual broadband drops at time on some days.

I want to give them an option to call a standard phone line which is always more reliable for calls (99.999%) as opposed to 99.99%.

what’s the best way for this?


The easiest way is to force them to add a dial prefix (‘9’, for example) so that the call goes out “preferred” on the POTS line.

Do this using an outbound route with the dialed number config as '9nxxnxxxxxx" and then strip the ‘9’ off.

Set up your trunks so that the POTS line is the first trunk and the VOIP line is second.

Important note - Glen, over in shipping, is going to figure out that the ‘9’ line is more reliable too, so he’s going to be calling Phyllis on it whenever he gets bored.