Choosing the right distro for backup

I want to create a backup PBX machine and want to download a distro of my currently installed version. I cant seem to match up the “Version” on the distro downloads to my version.
The distros available online are
FreePBX • Linux 7.3 • Asterisk 11, 13 or 14
FreePBX 13 • Linux 6.6 • Asterisk 11 or 13,
and all the archived versions.

On my working FreePBX, I see these version numbers:

Admin->Sysrem Admin:
PBX Firmware: 1.813.210.58-1
PBX Service Pack:

Bottom of every screen:
FreePBX is licensed under the GPL
Copyright© 2007-2017

Reports->Asterisk Info:
Asterisk (Ver. Summary

Module Admin:
Asterisk CLI2.11.0.3Schmooze Com IncEnabled

PHP Version 5.3.3

So how do I tell what version I have and which Distro to download to make a backup FreePBX computer?