Choosing french language through IVR still plays all languages set in System Recordings

Hi all,

First post here after a few months of tinkering on FreePBX. I managed to configure announcements, IVR, queues and misc applications to configure a local number to simulate an incoming call.

The only configuration that I cannot reliably set is the language during a call.

What’s happening is if I choose French language (or let it timeout, which defaults to French), it goes through the language module and forwards to 3 announcements (the first two being optional messages, like service issues and holiday messages), the third is an announcement before routing to a queue. The third announcement is always played in both French and English message, but if I choose English, then only the English message is played.

That said, system built-in messages always do follow set language after the “choose language” IVR.

I’ve tried a few things, like, setting a specific language on the incoming rules instead of "default,” moving the set language to French immediately after the incoming route. Still does the same thing.

Every item in "System Recordings,” except the language prompt for an IVR, does show both languages in the “Supported Language” column. However, when I access any of these recordings it shows a warning message “You have a missing file for this language. Click any red recording above to replace it […]” selecting either language let me play the appropriate language files.

I am not sure why it reacts this way yet.

I am using the Legacy OS version of FreePBX distributed from the FreePBX website.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi Foxfreejack, did you manage to get it working?? I’m experiencing the same issue, i’ve setup two differerent machines, and I set language in the inbound route or set language with the language module and it plays the custom recordings of all languages,

Any help or tips would be very appreciated!

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