Choose what hold music to use before putting someone on hold?

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if there’s any way when sticking a person on hold to actually pick what music they hear? Right now our music is really upbeat and fast with sales promos playing and so on. I just hate putting customers on hold that call in and are irate or mad about something since I think it would be annoying if you’re already in a bad mood. Would be nice to be able to pick a calming tune instead! I don’t see how it would be possible though but thought I’d check. I had originally thought to park the call instead of holding it but they would be on hold hearing the upbeat music for a few moments while the park takes place is all…


I am very new to FreePBX, so I may send you down a wrong route here, appologies if I do…

If you are using Queues, can you set up a few identical Queues (lets Say Sales Calming and Sales Upbeat), with the only difference being the MOH category.

You would need to:
Set a new MOH category for each style of music (Calming & Upbeat)
Create the 2 Queues and set the MOH to the appropriate MOH category
Create an IVR to allow the customer to chose the music type (you could phrase this around the services offered e.g. sales/complaints?)

Hope this helps.


You could transfer them to a “pissed off customer calm down queue” that had the soothing music.