Choose automate the Trunk when i call to localphone

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Hello again,

i have enabled in freepbx two trunks also i have added in outbound routers one for each trunk.
The first Trunk gives me normal pay output calls with many voice channels , the second Trunk gives me one voice channel and free unlimited calls to the local phones but expensive to mobiles.

My questions is, Can i take advantage of it and call automatically from the second trunk to local phones? and if there is no free space on the voice channel or when i call to mobiles automatically to be placed to the first trunk?

Is it possible?


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Yes, probably. You use the outbound route dial patterns to match the calls you want to go over the trunk. You can specify multiple trunks in a single route, and it should roll to the second if the first is unavailable, depending on how the trunk rejects the call.

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