Checksum for module failed

I’ll admit it - I changed a file in FreePBX.

I use CHAN-SCCP-B for my Cisco phones and I wanted to add some code to page.asteriskinfo.php so that I could more easily monitor my SCCP phones. I added all of the SCCP stuff and made it so that it displays conditionally (if you don’t have SCCP, you shouldn’t see it).

While I was in there, I fixed the PJSIP showing up (I have Asterisk 11.11, so no PJSIP) so now the program works great.

Only hitch - the MS5 hash for the program is wrong and the system wants to “help” me by “fixing” it.

I’ve got the patch file, so even if the system does wipe my code, I can fix it.

So to the real question - is there an option someplace that says “for page.asteriskinfo.php, it’s OK”? I don’t want to turn off the check - I think it’s an awesome addition - I just need the system to stop freaking out about this one file.


There’s no option to turn that off. What’s stopping you from submitting your work to the project?

It’s already been submitted. I included it in a ticket I submitted last week.