"Check to always try next trunk" wont log to cdr

If I activate this one, the call will route to next trunk but in cdr no logging was happen. Please advise. By the way it only logged the last one trunk attempted. TY in advance!

i set unanswered = yes and congestion = yes in cdr config

FreePBX 12
Asterisk 11.23.0

I think that is a feature not a :bug:.

You might want to try out Channel Event Logging (CEL) to catch more specific events.

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In the Call Data Report, the only things that get processed are those elements that lead to a successful call completion or failed call termination. As pointed out CEL would have all of that information - Iā€™d be surprised to see it in the CDR.

I can see in full csv that the first provider failed and was routed to the next provider. Ether the last provider failed or was successful and the cdr logs it except for the first provider.

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