Check time condition whilst in queue

I would achieve something like this:

While caller is into a queue with position announcement, time condition has to be checked against working hours.
If queue still has callers waiting and office is out working hours , they have to be switched to a “sorry no more operators available” message.
Caller position hasn’t to be lost while time checking.

How to ?

Well the first problem you’re going to run into is that the callers are in a Queue. You can’t check time conditions in the queue. You would have to do some predial handlers before sending the call to the agent that will result in the call being made but checked via the TC’s before connecting to the agent. That can lead to some bad experiences for the callers.

Why wouldn’t you write something that removes all the agents at a specific time (EOD) and set the queue to kick everyone when there are no agents. As soon as all the agents are logged out of the queue, all the callers will be dumped.

I think you’re talking about something like an “automatic dynamic agent list” controlled by working time…
If no more agents are available and queue failover destination is an announcement… well it could be enough.
The problem is mostly that “write something”… :upside_down_face:

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