Check the maximum concurrent calls

Hi all,

I would like to know if it is possible to get the value of the maximum concurrent calls to pstn (using a Digium E1 card) that my freePBX server handled from the time I installed it until now.

For now, I’m using 15 mixed channels but I would like to know if it has been fully used already in which case I will have to get more channels or if it is enough.

Thank you for your help

Try the new CDR Module that is in BETA it can do this.

If you know how to use SNMP and use a tool like MTG or OpenNMS you can monitor all sorts of Asterisk performance data

where is it?And what’s in the admin/cdr/ directory?

/admin/cdr contains the PHP code for the CDR module.

The CDR’s are stored by default in MySQL database names asteriskcdrdb

This post has the link to the beta CDR tool: