Check for updates online

Hello Everyone !

We are working on a final year project using asterisk and freepbx. There are a lot of feature in freepbx that we cannot find, and they are required from us, for example, ivr and group ring, among others…
So, we can either check for the updates online, and install the modules that we need, or we can search for the modules manually and upload them.
We searched everywhere for modules and we couldn’t find anything. So, what we can do is check for updates from freepbx.
We created our own network for asterisk using the “server” laptop connected to a router at IP 192.168.x.x and the laptop freepbx is on is connected to the internet using an ethernet cable.
We try to check for updates online, and we get the following warning:
Warning: Cannot connect to online repository ( Online modules are not available.
So, right now we cannot do anything in our project coz we can’t get the modules that we need.
We searched online and found that everyone is talking about DNS, firewall, IPtables, and other things that we can’t seem to relate to…
Please, any help would be really really really appreciated!!


seriously, get a life :slight_smile:

Skyking, we must be related. Seems as if you have the same pet peeves as I do. I don’t mind helping anyone that tries to help them self. I refuse to spend my time just so they don’t have to. Also, its not hard to tell how much they have studied. I’m still fairly new to this world (2 years +), but it was months literally after I started learning by trial and error and google before I asked my first question. I detest asking other people for help.

I was kinda offended because my effort wasn’t at all zero, I overnighted on this project for countless nights, and today in particular, I have been working on it for 10 constant hours, so when I read your comment, I didn’t take it so well…

It’s sad to know that some people have no lives that they have the time to go over forums and show others how fierce they are by writing mean and useless comments.

Last time I checked, this was an educational forum. And no thanks to you, I managed to find the website and my progress so far is great.

So why don’t you try kissing a girl/guy/whatever for a change, and see what it’s like. Hopefully by doing so, you’ll grow a life.

Perhaps the message was mean spirited for that I will apologize.

I have a very low tolerance for folks that don’t even show a bit of respect for others time, especially when touting an academic purpose.

You should not have to download anything by hand if your system is connected to the network properly. You still gave none of the information that was requested (and is covered in the “how to ask for help” posts).

We are still here when you need help. Providing the proper info and doing research makes the best use of all of our time.

I think you will find a very cool reception in any online community to doing ones homework for them.

Secondly you have earned an ‘F’ grade for effort.

[] What distribution did you use to load the software
] What version of FreePBX are you running
[] Do you have connectivity to the Internet from the machine running FreePBX and Asterisk
] Is DNS configured on the server?

This being an academic exercise it seems you did not look “everywhere” because you missed

If you can’t “relate” to these concepts I doubt you will be successful installing and IP phone system.

Why don’t you try to construct a post with more substance and less useless verbiage.