Check for local extension before matching outbound route rule?

If I have local extensions that match an outbound rule, how would I make a call go to the local extension first IF it exists, and if not, proceed to look for a match in outbound routes?

that is exactly how the context precedence works. A any local extension or any other internal number will always override outbound routes. The outbound routes are only searched if a local match does not exist.

Thanks for your response. Then something is awry. I have two extensions, one is 5556661111, and the other is 5556662222. 5556661111 dials 5556662222, and while watching the CLI, it matches the NXXNXXXXXX rule one the OB trunk and attempts to pass it through my SIP trunk. Unfortunately I must have OB rules that match internal extensions on this box, or I would start there. Any suggestions on where to go from here?

check your context settings for your extensions. If this is a standard FreePBX install, internal will always match first. The outbound-all context is the last context added after everything else. That is why.