Check for Dialtone before dialing

Ok little background. Running trixbox with two x100p FXo cards. This system is currently working great but I have a small problem. There are still a few old school phones connected to the phone line before the trixbox system.

The problem…

When a user Dials from a SIP phone and another user is on the Old School wired phones Trixbox starts dialing without checking for dialtone! Thus resulting in an upset user and phone caller on the other end…

What can be done to have the trixbox check for dialtone before dialing the number? Otherwise system functions perfectly.


Several items -

1 - trixbox is an abandoned project. It used a hacked up version of FreePBX

2 - You can’t do what you want to do

3 - You need to install FXS interfaces for your analog phones and put them behind the PBX. An ATA would be the least expensive route for this

4 - The x100p boards have not been supported by Asterisk for years so your mileage may vary

Sorry I don’t have great news.