Check current active calls

Is there a way to check from either the web interface or the CLI to see what extensions are currently on a call (either internally or externally) as I have tried show channels and it errors with

No such command ‘show channels’ (type ‘core show help show channels’ for other possible commands)



you want:

core show channels

Thanks worked a treat :slight_smile:

How to view active current call on any extension in FreePBX(GUI Based) ‘VoIP Server’…?

In the asterisk cli

core show channels verbose

Would be nice to not have to have a SSH session open to look at active calls, should be a dashboard widget.

Not needed a ssh session, there should/could be Admin->Asterisk CLI in the GUI.

You can also get it from Reports->Asterisk Info

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For those who are novices like me the full command is

asterisk -r
> ... Connected to Asterisk 16.6.2 currently running on freepbx (pid = 2459)
core show channels

From a shell , depending on your need for detail. (‘rasterisk -s’ the same as ‘asterisk -r’)

rasterisk -x "core show channels verbose"
rasterisk -x "core show channels concise"|tr '|' '\t
rasterisk -x "core show channels verbose"

I’d love to be able to use a CLI command (or the NodeRed AMI connector) to show what number a particular extension is currently connected to, but struggling with this

rasterisk -x 'core show channels verbose'|grep $EXT

would show that, incoming or outgoing calls would present differently and until answered they would also show the status of the legs of the call

AMI can do the same, its just way harder , but better :wink:

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