ChanSpy wont hangup after exiting

I enabled Chanspy and then unchecked the default 555 in freepbx interface under Feature Codes. I changed to a 6 digit code instead. I went ahead and called the code and Channel Spy worked, however upon hanging up the call. I am now seeing under Channels under Asterisk Info my Channel Spy call as if its still in progress. I did it 3 times and so i have 3 channels open even though I hungup the call.

I went into CLI and tried to issue a soft hangup SIP/XXXX for each Channel Spy relating to my extension, and it sends back “requesting hangup” response as normal as if it accepted my request. However still it doesnt drop the channel.

Anyone come across this before? Just fyi this is Asterisk Version

Thank you

That’s a really old version of Asterisk. Is this a trixbox?

It is not, its PIAF

Oh and reason we needed to go with it, was that we had a bunch of clients connecting via IAX and they were on, we wanted to go higher but as soon as we used a newer version like 1.8, the older servers that were were not longer able to connect via IAX. Its very weird, but anyway thats why we are still on this version for this particular server

There are known issus with ChanSpy on that version of Asterisk:
tho perhaps not exactly as you are reporting. Since the [app-chanspy] context in FreePBX is extremely simple, my guess is that this is an Asterisk issue and the version you are running is so old it is not reasonable to expect support.

IIRC, is the last version of Asterisk that supports ZAPTEL, so upgrading may be as disruptive as starting from scratch. This looks like an opportunity to investigate a transition to Asterisk 11.

Hey everyone, I had went to a totally brand new server, this one runs Ver. of Asterisk, and still no luck with hanging up a channel which was initiated with Channel Spy. The channel spy channel simply stays there and on, indefinitely when i look at Active Channels under Asterisk Info section of FreePBX

In earlier posts I was on an older version and solution was to be on something more current. Ver. I think its certainly way more current than the old 1.4 edition, but yet problem still remains.

Any thoughts?