[ChanSccpB] Auto Answer

When a user intercoms / pages my Cisco sets they ring but will not auto answer, when picked up the page goes through otherwise the phone hangs up.

I’ve posted a call event log

I posted this on the old thread. There are some good hints in here.

Found another interesting article about this. The supposition doesn’t sound plausible, but if we have to assume it’s true, you can follow along. I’m all but certain there’s an auto-answer setting in the XML that should be able to control this. The SCCP-Manager from PhantomIV on Github might have a setting for it in the phone manager section.


#Set auto_answer on cisco 79xx phone via telnet.
#Hack around the inability of the sip software to set via a config file.

#Public domain, no warranty at all. (http://www.comtek.co.uk)

use Net::Telnet();
use List::Util qw(reduce);
use constant PROMPT => "SIP Phone";
use constant PASSWORD => "roline2";


        print "Syntax: set_auto_answer <ip> <list>\n\twhere <list> is a list of "
          ." one or more '<line num> <0|1>'\n"
          ."\nEg: set_auto_answer 1 0 2 1\n";
        exit 1;

        my ($line, $setting)=(shift, shift);
                push(@to_set, $line);
                push(@to_unset, $line);

#For logs, use "" or *STDOUT
$t=new Net::Telnet(Timeout => 1, Output_log => "", Input_log => "", Dump_log => "");

$t->waitfor('/Password :.*$/');


@tmp=$t->cmd("show config");
@tmp=grep(/^auto_answer : /, @tmp);
die("Bad auto_answer")


@to_set=grep {  !(1<<($_-1) & $auto_answer)  } @to_set;
@to_unset=grep {1<<($_-1) & $auto_answer} @to_unset;

exit 0
  if( [email protected]_unset && [email protected]_set  );

print "Enabling auto-answer for line(s): ".(reduce {$a.", ".$b} @to_set)."\n"
print "Disabling auto-answer for line(s): ".(reduce {$a.", ".$b} @to_unset)."\n"

$t->print("test open");

sub wait_then_press
        foreach my $key (@_)
                $t->print("test ".$key);

sub toggle_line
        my($line)[email protected]_;
        wait_then_press("offhook", "onhook", "key set", "key 6", "key 8", "key ".$line, "key soft1", "key soft2", "key soft2", "key set");

foreach my $line (@to_unset, @to_set)
        print "Toggling line: $line\n";

$t->print("test close");


print "Success.\n";

Still having issues where the phone rings twice and then hangs up, I’d greatly appreciate any help.

Followed your config Docs posted in the other link.
Phones still ring twice then go busy.

Double check your codec being used.

I remember something about this from a couple years ago but I don’t have any recollection of the solution. Have you tried pinging Dietrich in the Chan-SCCP-B Forum?

Using ulaw.
Would the fourms be the sourceforge discussion? Or did I miss the link posted somewhere on github.

There should be a forum on GitHub. I get emails from it once in a while - let me look and see what I can find.

Hello, I’m still having issues with getting the phones to answer, and can only find a gitter chat on the github, if you have anymore advice I’d greatly appreciate it if not I’ll continue to play around.


The module uses /var/log/asterisk/full for all of the messages, so that might help.

I have a 7970 that I’m having the same problem with. I suppose I can take a look at it. Having said that, though, your problem might be different than mine.

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