Channel Originate Setting Caller ID

I need to place two calls and connect them both through API. I’ not simulating the following command to achieve that through an API.

channel originate local/[email protected] extension [email protected]

This is working fine. But I need to set Caller ID.
I have the caller IDs set at the extension level. If I can call from the extension, then caller id can be set. So I tried to use 3117 extension without any success

channel originate local/[email protected] extension [email protected]

I also tried with the trunk name after @ but that was also failed.

Can you guys guide me to place the calls through an extension or custom dialplan to make a call by setting a caller ID?

Thanks in advanced.

Can you build a set caller ID function and point to that in your dialplan?

I’ve solved it by creating custom dial plan.

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