Channel originate redirecting

Hello !

I’m using Asterisk 13.17.0 and FBX 13.0

I want to do 5 “channel originate” calls pointing toward 5 differents smartphone :

At the same time a webRTC sipML5 calling a basic conference where the maximum participants is “2”

I want the first of the 5 calls join the conference.

sipML5 exten : “10”
conference exten : “1000”

So :
Is it possible to redirect a “channel originate” call into an existing conference ?
What happen if someone want to join a 2/2 conference ?
Can we modify sip_headers throught the CLI with a channel originate command?

I just want to know if it’s possible with FreePBX
I’m a bit noob with FBX and asterisk but any advices will help,
Thanks by advance,


Do someone know about thoses “channel originate” calls ?

[channel originate sip/XXXX extensions [email protected]] (XXXX = extension)

I want to use this command but if it’s possible add some arguments to :

_ add variables (for the callerid)
_ add dialplan instructions (transfer the call into a conference if it’s answered

Any ideas ?
Thanks by advance,

Up, (a bit weird to answer to myself)

i’m trying to do this :

channel originate sip/XXXX application Goto my-macro,s,1 application Confbridge 4444,testbridge,testuser,testmenu

but only the first “application” is executed, how should i do to add some more as i want to ?

This is the only thing i need to achieve my task : pass more than one “application”

Hope i will have some advices !
Thanks by advance,

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