Changing user conference NIP

Using the standard conference module, is it possible for the administrator to change the user NIP by calling in the conference bridge ?
If the user doesn’t have access to the GUI and would like to change the User NIP to something different for every conference, for obvious security reasons.

The only options in the wiki are :

1 Mute/Un-Mute Self Mute/Un-Mute Self
2 Lock/Unlock Conference Disabled
3 Eject last user who joined conference Disabled
4 Decrease Listen Volume of Conference Same for user
5 Resets the caller’s listening volume to the default level. Same for user
6 Increase Listen Volume of Conference Same for user
7 Decrease Talk volume Same for user
8 Leave Menu Same for user
9 Increase Talk volume Same for user
0 Allows an Admin to mute/unmute all non-admin participants in the conference Disabled
* Play menu options Same for user
# Leave Conference Leave Conference

The obvious problem is that we’re out of buttons. Which option do you want to disable/mux to add the functionality.

There’s another person asking about adding sub-conferences, so you might want to work with them to come up with another menu that can be added. If we’re smart about it, you could even use some of the same code.

I think this could be ameliorated by moving to double-digit codes.

The obvious problem is that we’re out of buttons.
True, I didn’t even notice.

So answer is no. I just wanted to know if there was an option I wasn’t aware of.

But you’re not, the conference bridge menu can take 0-9, A-D, *, # and any combo of those. So you can have

1 - Do Action
*1 - Do Action
#1 - Do Action (# requires an escape)

So that’s 30 options with 0-9 with */# combos without the A-D options.

Both the user and admin PINs for conferences are stored in the AstDB, so it’s not at all difficult to create dialplan to change them remotely.

[[email protected] ~]# asterisk -x "database show CONFERENCE 86002" | grep pin
/CONFERENCE/86002/adminpin                        : 1234
/CONFERENCE/86002/userpin                         : 4321

I’m not sure what’s involved in changing a PIN from within the conference itself, but separate from the conference you could have a small bit of custom dialplan that prompts for a conf room number and admin PIN to validate the caller and then set the user pin.

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