Changing UCP display name


We had a person leave and so changed the name on an extension when a new person joined. We did not delete and re-add the extension, just renamed it as well as the person’s name in User Manager.

However under the UCP the old person’s name is still displayed in the panels (Call History, Voicemail, Device Manager, etc) and there does not appear to be anywhere to change that.
I have even looked in the settings section of UCP wher one can change User Details (appears to match the settings in User Manager) and the new person’s name is there, just not in the panel headings.

Anyone know where to change the name displayed in the UCP?


User Management


As mentioned, the name is already changed under User Management and this has not been reflected under UCP

No other thought?
Should I file a bug report?

There was a thread that sounds this maybe six months ago. I don’t remember if there was any resolution.

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