Changing the host of an IAX Provider


I have a provider that I added using Trunks. I need to update the address of the host. However after I make the change and apply configuration changes, I can see that calls are still being routed to the old host that was in the PEER Details.

How do I force the server to use the new address rather than the old address.

I even tried a reboot and it still uses the old address


Did you remember to also change the address in your Register String?

Sanitize your trunk settings and post them for us.

happy to do so, but i don’t think the problem lies with the provider (VoipJet) or the trunk settings. In any case:

Peer details


i used to have, but now want to use instead. however calls are still getting placed on the old server. CLI shows:

“Call accepted by (format ulaw)”

FYI resolves to resolves to

If you have made all of the appropriate changes and it is still resolving to the same IP, there is a good chance that VoipJet is using the same server for both names. Try changing it to and see if it breaks it. If it does, then this is on VoipJets end.

I would agree, but the servers resolve to two different IP addresses. So VoipJet is not using the same server for both names. resolves to resolves to

More importantly…changing the host to, the CLI still shows “call accepted by (format ulaw)”

I think my asterisk box is caching the host address. Or something similar. Aside from a restart, what else can I do?

do you run a local dns server???
have you installed other packages

What happens when run this?
/etc/init.d/nscd stop

what does centos return when you dig those ??


this is outgoing only. there is no registration.

bubba: i don’t think i have nscd installed (how do i find out?).

/etc/init.d/nscd stop

-bash: /etc/init.d/nscd: No such file or directory