Changing the CallerID to the DID


We are having trouble with changing the caller ID to an external mobile phone extension to appear as the dialled number.

Currently when a call is pushed to an the external mobile extension, it shows the CID of the caller.
We would like the external mobile extension to show the Called number (the DID) when called instead.

We have tried changing the ‘Change External CID Configuration’ mode to Fixed CID, Use Dialed Number, Force Dialed Number and have yet the caller ID always shows the caller.

Any help would be great appreciated.


I am currently running freepbx version
Asterisk version 11.19.0.

Trunk PEER details:

Your provider has to support this. If they don’t they will impose your original caller ID on you. Who is your provider?

Did logic,

We have queried them, in which they replied with “We as an ITSP pass called (your DID) and calling (your customer) E164 numbers to your end. …” and that is a matter of freepbx configuration.

Thanks in advance.

There are a couple of places that could effect this.

  • Make sure you don’t override the “extension” caller ID on the outgoing trunk.
  • Use the “Intracompany” checkbox to allow for even less rigidity in the caller-ID handling.
  • You can set up a special outbound that handles the cell phone exclusively, and do your caller ID manipulation for that phone.
  • Check to see if the “Set Caller ID” module might be of some service.