Changing pjsip listening port back and forth issues

Hello dear FreePBX friends!

I’ve had my pjsip port number as a custom port since I installed the FreePBX. Was always working correctly.

But now I’m testing another phone that has some issues, and to troubleshoot it, I needed to switch my FreePBX pjsip listening port from the custom one back to 5060 to eliminate any custom port issue on that phone.

And now all my working IP phones are not registering and instead, they only continue to register to the customer port, not the new default 5060 that is currently saved in Sip Settinigs - PJSIP - listening port.

Why is it still working with the custom port when it’s not in the pbx anymore? Do I need to restart the pbx or something? Is it stuck in the cache somewhere?

Restarting FreePBX solved the problem. Any idea why?

To register to the new port, the phones have to pull a new configuration. It appears that your listening port change (which is quite unusual) was not recognized by the endpoint manager to trigger the re-provision. It appears to be a bug and you could submit a report, but IMO you are one of very few bitten by this.

Asterisk requirea a restart when changing pjsip port.

Yeah it does require a restart, idk how i could miss that warning right in the pbx.

You have to just go to the Endpoint manager and make sure you save and rebuild configs so that the new port is written to a config file. That worked correctly for me.

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