Changing part of my setup

Good morning, its been a long time since i last visited the forums!
like one and half year ago i managed to set up my FreePBX (
at the moment, i have analog telephone lines that come to my office, so i had to buy a Voip gateway ( in order to change those lines into digital/voip signal and connect the whole thing to the pbx

today, i would like to get rid of this old system and having a single contract for telephone line and internet

i would love and appreciate if someone could give me some help to at least understand how i should move…

im totally ignorant about this type of topic, so i imagine that i will have only one cable with internet+voip to connect to a router, then just connect the PBX to the router and then make some setups?
any idea about wich setups i will have to do?
i have the feeling that i will need to change the Trunk setup


as you can see for now is connected to the Gateway…

The first thing you will need is a SIP Provider.

Then you can work on the specific set up for that provider.

But, yes you will then need to connect the PBX to the internet so it can access the SIP Provider.

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