Changing outbound dial timeout


We need to be able to extend the timeout before an ringing outbound call is terminated. It currently appears to be 120 seconds, but I need to change this up to around 600 seconds.

Is there a parameter I can change in a .conf file, or something I can add to the route or trunk definition to change the default outbound timeout?



I can’t imagine any legitimate reason to do what you want to do - are you trying to harass someone? In any case, it’s not something you can change - once the call leaves your system, the terminating phone company or any provider between you and them can time out an unanswered call. If you place a call from one Verizon PSTN line to another, it will time out after two or three minutes (in most areas). Add one or more long distance carriers or CLECs in the path and any of them might abandon an unanswered call after a certain amount of time.

Here in the UK there is no limit. The company needs to call certain other companies that are very slow to answer the phone (large warehouses etc.) so it can take 4-5 minutes of ringing the phone before someone bothers to answer. With the call dropping out after 2 minutes, it means they don’t get an answer.

The limit is being imposed by FreePBX, the dial string has a 120 second time out in it (you can see this from the debug log).

I need to change it so the phone can ring for longer.

Hopefully this explains the reason why.