Changing logos, branding

Hello dicko, I do not see this option, i too want to replace the frog logo?

Any ideas?


It’s a read only setting to protect dreamers who want to kiss a frog but haven’t bothered to RTFM from themselves :wink:

Hi,I did google all sorts of branding freepbx questions, but never come up with anything concrete, anyway , I now have found the read only settings :wink:

I believe in supporting the project , and have done so by the way of purchasing commercial modules.

Is there a way of changing the link that the ‘get support’ on the front page goes to?


I also looked here:

Just found this on google

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Why do forum users always need to be so rude, all you had to do was pm me and ask me to start a new thread.

I only asked in the first place because you went to the trouble to mention about changing the logo in your post.

New thread started.

Forgive me for politely reminding you that it was you being “rude” by not following the rules of the forum.

I went ahead and put this all in its very own thread

Is there a way to change the 'Get Support" link when you see the initial splash screen

I have read this:

There is nothing there to help



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RTF web server manuals, then either edit


or write your own and edit the login on the in the advanced menu which you are now familiar with

Was that rude?

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Thank you

Like i pointed out I have read the literature, that i managed to find

Perhaps some decent links to where the literature lies hidden would be a better help?

Googling reveals nothing, searching revealed someone else asking the same question and being curtly told it can’t be done and if his end users where seeing that screen he had bigger issues…


It can’t be done without modifying the code itself, which would be over written by any updates. There is an OEM program available if this is important to you and your your users.

Please see:

Ok thank you, I will see how things pan out