Changing 'hold' key to be a park transfer, polycom

I have some polycom vvx 410 units that I would like to configure the hold button to be a park button. is this possible?

Review this document:


I found this in the vvx admin guide:
You should only remap keys with removable key caps. If you remap other keys, your phone may
not work properly. Do not remap the following keys: the dial pad, volume control, handsfree,
mute, headset, hold, and the navigation arrow keys.

note, a VVX has zero key caps so I don’t know if any of that applies. Also note it says NOT to remap hold, but I don’t get that. None of the admin, reset, reboots, etc use the hold button to initiate. These seems like an obvious key to remap…

We learn by trying, give it a run and report back.