Changing from Chan_sip to pjsip

I have changed one of my extensions from Chan_sip to pjsip within the advanced tab of the extension and at the same time changing the port from 5160 to 5060 within the phone itsself. I intend to change the other 5 extensions also. Knowing little about pjsip do I need to change registration of my trunks also from chansip to pjsip? and is this a simple process or do I need to re-enter sip registration settings and re-register the trunks as pjsip?

No, you dont have to change the trunks to pjsip. You can combine sip/pjsip trunks and extensions as you like…

Thanks you…

Since you only have 5 extensions, one by one in the GUI is fairly simple. For any reader who wants to do a bulk convert of chan_sip to pjsip, that is supported with the command line: New blog post - New tool for helping move from SIP to PJSIP

This seems to cover the easy conversion of Chan sip to pjsip for extensions however is there an easy conversion for trunks?

No. There is a Sangoma video on YouTube on how to do the trunks which are all done manualy and could be a bit tricky depending on your provider.

A year ago I switched to pjsip, but somehow the trunk to my provider went offline, once every two months or so. I did not find stable pjsip settings for my provider and returned to my good old sip trunk…which works 100% stable.
That’s the reason, why I will use chan_sip for trunks as long as possible…

From what I can see there doesn’t seem to be a major benefit to changing from SIP to PJSIP.
I have changed one of my extension and one of my trunks to PJSIP. I must say it was easier to register the PJSIP than the SIP trunk , fewer settings etc but but thats a one off.
I will keep an eye on the extension and the Trunk and change back if there is a problem assuming SIP is still available.

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