Changing FOP 0.29 panel layout


I have a very small system (25 users tops) All I want to see (need to see) in FOP is a list of my extensions. I don’t want to see the Queue, Conference, Parking lot or Trunk panels. I read through the doc, found my way to op_buttons_additional.cfg but the very first line cautions me on editing it as it is an asterisk generated file.

How can I configure FOP so that the panels listed above don’t appear? My ultimate goal is to have just the extensions show (in a re-sizable) window that I can give to a handful of my users. Some of them are currently using AST and don’t like it for a variety of reasons. Hudlite doesn’t give them the functionality they need.

Thanks for any help you may able to provide.


Check out the docs at

Also there are recipes in the var/www/html/panel directory.

FOP is infinitely customizable