Changing epm display_name label and linekey to sipalias


I am looking to modify the basefile to use the Sip Alias instead of the full extension number or name replacing the current line1Name, line1label etc settings with the Sip Alias from the extensions advanced settings. If the main extension is say 0749511003 and i have the Sip Alias set as 003 i want to use this in the EPM as a value.

Does anyone know if this is possible? it was meant to be released into the EPM back in 2014, i have tried %line1SipAlias% which i found in the forums but didn’t work also tried line1SipAlias and didn’t work and cannot find anywhere where these can be defined

any help appreciated


i also found this in the exposed values wiki

it does read CID Sip Alias but actually returns the full extension id not the Alias

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