Changing daylight savings date

We’ve had reports from all of our FreePBX users at various sites with various boxes, reporting that the time on their phones appears to be one hour ahead. This appears to have changed this weekend.

The freepbx config uses the freepbx box as the time server for the phones.

I’ve checked and I can’t see any daylight savings changes that were scheduled for this weekend (see

Is there a way to update FreePBX so that it knows it’s not DST yet and for it to push this info out to the phones?


The DST start field for Yealink devices in 2.11 endpoint manager is set to “3/2/0/2” which it shouldn’t be really. I can’t see that the 2nd March is DST for anywhere.

It’s probably better that “local_time.summer_time = 2” is included so that DST is set to Automatic on the phone, which causes it to get the date from the time server.