Changing Cisco 7960 time for DST?

Hey everyone,

I have FreePBX and Cisco 7960g IP phones. When the time changed here in Toronto last weekend for DST, my phones stayed the same so they’re an hour behind. I have them set as Eastern Standard time on the physical phone and in FreePBX it shows the right time. In SIPDefault.cnf I have timezone as “US Eastern Standard Time”. I can’t remember what I did when they time went back, where do I go to change it so it goes ahead an hour?

Nm I got it I didn’t have any of that DST stuff in my sipdefault.cnf file so that fixed it. not sure what the cisco web config is though I just used nano and putty.

Sorry I’m confused, what Cisco config webpage? Default configuration file as in SIPDefault.cnf? These are SIP 7960’s running on Asterisk… I’ve never seen any config webpage everything is done in those files in the /tftpboot directory?

you need to go to the Cisco Config webpage, Edit default Conffiguration File, then under Time Server change the DST info. The below link will have what you need to change.

Hope this will help…