Changing [email protected] to display a valid email address

Hello everyone

One annoying problem I’m getting these days is receiving email notifications for e.g. when I automate a weekly FreePBX backup etc.

The email is sent OK, but my Outlook 365 and on my Mobile phone puts the email as “junk” because (I think) it sees the email address as incomplete without the end string such as e.g. .com etc.
Is there a simple way to change the original email address of [email protected] that is on the header to one that is acceptable please?.



In particular, if you use the out of the box configuration you are expecting the recipient to do the email equivalent of running Asterisk with allowguest fully enabled, for telephony. Unfortunately, like modern VoIP, most of the world insists on not using email in the point to point way for which it was designed.

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