Changing Announcement Remotely

I have a client who is a clinic with an inclement weather hotline. She used to have instructions where she could dial in, hit a few keys and change the announcement. I don’t know it was set-up or how to change it. I found the incoming IVR for this particular phone number and it didn’t have anything special as far as I noticed. How can I configure an IVR to change allow the caller to change the announcement? There must be some clever way to do this.

I found a similar post here. Allowing Remote Recording of a "Weather Message"

You need to create an system recording and then enable the “Link to Feature Code” on that recording. You should also set a “Feature Code Password” on that recording. Then setup an IVR and use the “Feature Code Admin option” and select the feature code of the recording you just set up.

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Thanks guys. Link to Feature code with feature code password. Total score!