Changing a number in outbound routes


I have to make an outbound route for this:

an extension call 110 an this number is redirected to another number ex: 46666

Is that possible? I have tried from freepbx but I don’t know how to do it.

Thanks in advance

an you do digit modification in a route, add the rules to your trunk.

I think i’m not clear. When for example 9|444 takes out the 9 and call 444, I would like a way to do another thing, for example that the dialed number be 444 and then my PBX call 9444.

Once again, you need to use the dialed digit manipulation fields in the trunk.

As you hang out on this forum you will discover that there are certain people who are quick to offer help, but it’s not always the most useful help.

I would suggest doing it this way:

Create a new Misc. Destination and in the Dial: field put put the number you want to redirect TO, in your case 46666.

Then create a Misc Application and in the Feature Code: field, put the number you want to dial to reach your destination, in your case 110. Select the Destination as the Misc. Destination you just created.

Bonus tip: You can restrict use of the Misc. Application to certain extensions by specifying a pattern after the Feature Code. For example, if you wanted only extensions 200 through 249 to be able to dial your 110 feature code, you can enter it as 110/_2[0-4]x (note the underscore at the start of the pattern). If you specify only a single extension, you would omit the underscore, in other words to only allow access from extension 234 you could use 110/234 as the Feature Code.

Nice shot sir_sip, having fun?

The misc_destination is a bit convoluted if all you want to do is add a digit.

For instance:

If you want to add a ‘9’ to all dialed patterns starting with 4 and two digits place 4XX in the match pattern field and 9 in the prepend field.

This assumes version 2.9 where digit manipulation has been significantly enhanced.

There’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat, and it looked to me like the OP wasn’t understanding the method you were proposing.

For that matter, I don’t understand it either. But then, I am running 2.8. And the method I mentioned works with all versions of FreePBX (going back at least two or three years) and can support almost any number translation.

My “shot” was because you were getting snippy with the guy, without adding any additional clarification to what you originally said. We can’t read your mind, or intuit what you’re trying to say from one sentence, particularly if you’re using a newer version that supports enhanced digit manipulation, that some of us may have never seen.

Sometimes just pointing someone in the right direction is a big help.

My question is why would you run an outdated version of FreePBX? The Module Admin makes upgrades a snap. I have taken old Asterisk @ home systems all the way to 2.8

Because new versions break things, especially third-party modules. So, I tend to run about one version behind. Generally by the time a new version comes out, all the outstanding issues in the previous version have been addressed, and the third-party modules have been updated or patched. I’m more concerned about keeping everything working rather than having the “latest and greatest.”

thanks but i have solved it with digit manipulation in the trunk section :